OKOBAN - makes it easier to find lost luggage


A surprisingly large amount of luggage, not only in air transport, does not arrive at the destination at the same time as the passenger. A common cause is that the suitcase loses the identification badge that was attached to it at check-in. Then sure you won't see the suitcase right away. However, if you have an OKOBAN identification tag on your luggage, the luggage can be easily identified and you will be contacted regarding the possibility of returning your suitcase.


For luggage  from our offer with the OKOBAN label, just register on okoban.com. The site is in English and several other languages. Registration is free.

If someone finds your luggage, all they have to do is fill in the code (UID = Unique Identification code) listed on the OKOBAN label on the luggage on okoban.com and you will be informed where your luggage is and how to get it.