The overall dimensions include everything, including wheels, handles and side pockets! As of 1.2.2019.

up to 51x40x23cm fits for airlines
Air Transat 51x40x23cm 10kg
up to 55x35x20cm fits for airlines
Emirates 55x38x20cm 7kg
Flybe 56x35x20cm 10kg
up to 55x35x23cm fits for airlines
Aerolineas Argentinas 55x35x25cm 10kg
Aeromexico 56x36x23cm 10kg
Air Belgium 55x35x25cm 10kg
Air Europa 55x35x25cm 10kg
Air France 55x35x25cm 12kg
Alitalia 55x35x25cm 8kg
American Airlines 56x36x23cm -
Cathay Pacific 56x36x23cm 7kg
Cebu Pacific 56x35x23cm 7kg
Delta Airlines 56x35x23cm (Max. 114 cm) -
HOP! 55x35x25cm 12kg
China Airlines 56x36x23cm 7kg
Jet Airways 55x35x25cm 7kg
KLM 55x35x25cm 12kg
Malaysia Airlines 56x36x23cm 7kg
Qantas 56x36x23cm 7kg
South African Airways 56x36x23cm 8kg
TAM 55x35x25cm 8kg
United Airlines 22"x14"x9"= cca 56x35x23cm -
US Airways 56x36x23cm -
Vietnam Airlines 56x36x23cm 7kg
Virgin Atlantic 56x36x23cm 10kg
XL Airways 55x35x25cm 5kg
up to 55x40x20cm fits for airlines
Aegean Airlines 56x45x25cm 8kg
Aer Lingus 55x40x24cm 10kg
Aeroflot 55x40x25cm 10kg
Air Canada 55x40x23cm 10kg
Air Caraïbes 55x40x20cm 12kg
Air India 55x40x20cm 8kg
All Nippon Airways 55x40x25cm (Max. 115 cm) 10kg
Arkia 55x40x20cm 7kg
Asiana Airlines 55x40x20cm 10kg
Austrian Airlines 55x40x23cm 8kg
Blue1 55x40x23cm 8kg
BMI 55x40x23cm 12kg
British Airways 56x45x25cm 23kg
Brussels Airlines 55x40x23cm 12kg
Condor 55x40x20cm 6kg
Corsair 55x40x20cm 12kg
Czech Airlines 55x45x25cm 8kg
easyJet 56x45x25cm -
El Al 56x45x25cm (Max. 115 cm) 8kg
Ethiopian 55x40x23cm (Max. 115 cm) 7kg
Eurowings 55x40x23cm 8kg
Finnair 56x45x25cm 8kg
flyNiki 55x40x23cm 8kg
Germania 55x40x20cm 6kg
Iberia 56x45x25cm 10kg
Japan Airlines 55x40x25cm (Max. 115 cm) 10kg
Jet2 56x45x25cm 10kg
Korean Air 55x40x20cm 12kg
LOT 55x40x23cm 8kg
Lufthansa 55x40x23cm 8kg
Monarch 56x40x25cm 10kg
Norwegian 55x40x23cm 10kg
Olympic Airlines 55x40x23cm 8kg
Ryanair 55x40x20cm 10kg
Scandinavian Airlines 55x40x23cm 8kg
Swiss 55x40x23cm 8kg
Tap Air Portugal 55x40x20cm 8kg
Thai Airways 56x45x25cm 7kg
Thomas Cook 55x40x20cm 6kg
Thomson 55x40x20cm 5kg
Transavia 55x40x25cm 10kg
TUI 55x40x20cm 6kg
TUI Fly 55x40x25cm 10kg
Turkish Airlines 55x40x23cm 8kg
Vueling 55x40x20cm 10kg
Wizz Air 55x40x23cm 10kg

Data were obtained from publicly available information sources.

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